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Monday, October 5, 2015

English Russia

English Russia

Frozen Fountain in Magadan Russia

Posted: 05 Oct 2015 06:37 PM PDT

In Russia there is a saying that "winter always happens unexpected". It often implies, that even all people know that winter is pretty early and harsh still nobody is often ready. And here is a life demonstration of this rule … Read more...

Russian Forces in Syria part 2

Posted: 05 Oct 2015 04:09 PM PDT

263449_originalMore photos arriving from the Russian air force base in Latakia, Syria. In this set we would be able seeing planes, pilots, some construction going and all etc. All thanks to the Russian journalists starting arriving there. Also you would … Read more...

Friday, October 2, 2015

English Russia

English Russia

How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria

Posted: 02 Oct 2015 03:26 PM PDT

1Russian very famous war journalist went to Syria to see how newly come Russian soldiers live in newly established military camps in Syria. He was admitted to visit and see how soldiers live, how they cook food etc. Just a … Read more...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

English Russia

English Russia

Beauty of Krasnoyarsk Egraki Hills

Posted: 01 Oct 2015 07:56 PM PDT

Russian blogger Dmitry is traveling thru Siberia now and shared with his readers a few photos of awesome Egraki hills near Krasnoyarsk. Nature is really stunning there. Just a few shots - but the views are awesome and can be … Read more...

Abandoned Russian Polar City on Norwegian Svalbard Island

Posted: 01 Oct 2015 06:09 PM PDT

A Pyramida  (Pyramid)  Village is a Russian town stays untouched since 1990s when it was abandoned shortly after USSR collapse. The difference between this particular Soviet town and many other abandoned we've seen here is its location. It's not in … Read more...

Russian Great Air Repair Factory in Staraya Russa

Posted: 01 Oct 2015 03:06 PM PDT

Now when Russia is engaging in Syria the airplanes sooner or later would need to get repaired. So let's take a look at an awesome huge air repair factory in Staraya Russa town. Thanks to Marina who made those awesome … Read more...

First Bridge to Crimea is Completed

Posted: 01 Oct 2015 02:06 PM PDT

1429206904_30133          According to Russian media the first bridge connecting continental Russia and Crimea peninsula has been completed.  Previously Crimea had no direct roads to Russia, you could get there either thru Ukrainian mainland or thru ferries … Read more...

Russian Crimea in 1974-1976

Posted: 01 Oct 2015 07:26 AM PDT

For all those who enjoy seeing old nostalgic photos of the Soviet era, these are really cool colored photos of people living their lives in resort area of Russian Crimea. Really atmospheric!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

English Russia

English Russia

When One Lada is not Enough

Posted: 30 Sep 2015 08:33 PM PDT

When you like your LADA that much that it seems not enough to just drive one, then you build probably something like this. A LADA and then a piece of some more LADA to tow behind. Meet LADA + 1/2 … Read more...

Russian Combat Helicopters KA-52s Got Prepared

Posted: 30 Sep 2015 08:16 PM PDT

As soon as Russian air force began its strikes in Syria and there is possibility of more military tech and personnel arriving to the Middle Eastern country at soonest, we want to show you what is being trained right now … Read more...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

English Russia

English Russia

Inside Russian Most Powerful Nuclear Power Plant

Posted: 29 Sep 2015 05:52 PM PDT

Balakovo Russian Nuclear Power Plant is the most powerful and large Russian nuclear plant. Over 30 Billion kW/h of electricity being produced here each year which is 1/5 of total Russian electric power output! However in the world it's only … Read more...

Russian SU-25SM Attack Bombers in Syria

Posted: 29 Sep 2015 03:39 PM PDT

1960198_900If you track the Middle East news recently, there is a lot of talks about Russian SU-25SM attack bombers spotted in Syria - both on satellite photos of foreign intelligence and also on the recent French video posted today when … Read more...

Mining Gold in Russian Kolyma

Posted: 29 Sep 2015 02:02 PM PDT

Remember a recent posting where Sergey went to Kolyma and enjoyed beautiful views there? (If not you can see it here). So here is another report by this brilliant Russian blogger. While staying there - at Kolyma - which is … Read more...

Monday, September 28, 2015

English Russia

English Russia

Day of Life on Russian Strategic Airbase DOMNA

Posted: 28 Sep 2015 08:33 PM PDT

Thanks to awesome Russian blogger calling himself su_30m, we are able to see what is supposed to be top secret, especially back in Soviet era - day of life on the strategic Russian Far Eastern airbase Domna. It covers a … Read more...

Russian Empire in the Late 19th Century

Posted: 28 Sep 2015 06:41 PM PDT

If you, as many others here, like to see awesome old photos of pre-communist Russian Empire, in full color and and large size, then you probably would glad to know that a new series of such photographs of  Russia has … Read more...